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Adelaide, South Australia and Anchorage, Alaska
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This community if for anyone who wants to help motivate others to reach their goals.
We started what was called a Treadmill Challenge where the idea was to walk to each other’s place using our treadmills. Once we got started we soon discovered how much fun and motivation we got from each other. We thought that this was something we could share with our LJ Friends. Thus be the beginning of Walk the World.

Walktheworld was designed for keeping fit with fun and exciting challenges, the support and motivation coming from your fellow members.

You do not have to participate in challenges if you become a member, but we do ask for support of participants.

The current challenge is that you can, walk, run, and ride a bicycle around the world visiting your friends on your Livejournal. Every 1 mile/kilometer that you travel is equal to 100 miles/kilometers in distance. You post as much as you like about your travels and who you meet up with.

Now post an introduction, tell us about your goals, and don't be afraid to let everyone know what they can do to help keep you motivated. Join the fun with us!